Thieves make off with healing leg

Staying on the subject of Hinduism for a moment longer...

I was almost moved to laughter when I came across this story buried away in one paragraph of my paper. Unfortunately I left my paper behind so can't quote it verbatim, although I later found that the BBC have also covered the story (see link)...

An 80 year old Hindu holy man is recovering in hospital after two thieves cut off his leg, which he claimed had the ability to heal the sick.

Say the BBC -
'Police say the reason for the attack could be because Mr Kondaiah told too many people of the alleged magical powers of his right leg.
"This might have motivated some people to take away his leg hoping to benefit from it," a police spokesman said.
"But it is difficult to say that this was the only motive. It could also be a case of a revenge attack." '

Revenge attack? What for, not being healed? Or maybe it was a rival holy-man, jealous of his power. These chaps had better be careful in future to attribute their magical power to their whole bodies, or perhaps something expendable like a little finger. Healing the sick seems like a dangerous business these days!

I do of course feel sorry for the poor chap, who now has to rely on just medicine and surgery to make him better, but I can't help wondering what the thieves are now doing with the leg, which must be getting a little high by now. Are they trying to sell its healing properties on to others? How desperate would you have to be to pay to be touched by a semi-putrid leg? How stupid would you have to be to think it would heal you and not make you worse?

Ah well, such is the power of mysticism...

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