Ahmadinejad Still in Denial

That ridiculous little election-stealing monkey, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, was once more railing against Israel and denying the Holocaust, at a rally held in Tehran for the annual Al-Quds day. Al-Quds day was instigated by Ayatollah Khomeini shortly after the revolution of 1979, as a day for Muslims around the world to protest against the creation of Israel and the treatment of Palestinians.

Please do not assume that my reference to the dirty, ranting, crumpled little cretin as a 'monkey' is in any way indicative of racism - I am talking only about him, not his co-nationals or co-regionalists (incidentally, Persian women are some of the most beautiful in the world, which is probably why we're not allowed to look at them, but I digress now and am sounding sexist instead of racist, so I'd better move on) I speak only of the fact that he bears an uncanny resemblance to lieutenant Columbo after three weeks on the street. Also, you have to admit that he does look a bit like a monkey.

Of course appearance counts for little where politics is concerned (haha), politics being a discipline where substance is all (haha, again) and we all know that the backbone of Hobo-dinejad's policies involve hating Israel, hating Jews, and giving any Iranian with more than half a brain a strong desire to emigrate. Oh, and of course being the region's military great-power; any chance of the country taking it's rightful place as the region's economic and technological power-house being thoroughly stifled by corruption and religion.

So Tramp-adinejad and his fanatical bigots were rallying yesterday to celebrate Al-Quds. The supporters of his 'defeated' election rival, Mir-Hossein Mousavi, were also out and about being attacked by the state's thugs, sorry police, and Mr Mousavi himself was forced to leave the rally after his car was attacked.

Mr Beggar-dinejad said that the Holocaust was "a lie based on an unprovable and mythical claim" and that "the pretext for the creation of the Zionist regime is false."

It never ceases to amaze me that the political leader of a country entirely based upon centuries old mythical claims can reject mountains, and I do mean mountains, of real, recent, tangible evidence that several million people were murdered for their beliefs just a couple of generations ago, simply for political expedience. I really wonder how many Muslims (and I know it's not just Muslims, before you write in - there are a surprising number of Christian Holocaust deniers too) around the World do not believe that the Holocaust took place. And this is the nub of the matter, the problem with their position is simply one of belief. To the religious mind, belief trumps all else, and the desire to believe a premise is often all that is required to accept it, IE believe it. Evidence to the contrary of your accepted position simply becomes an inconvenience to be skirted around and dismissed - IE dis-believed . For example - I hate Jews, however happy the idea of five million of them dying would make me, I don't want to accept that this happened, because it is convenient for me to believe that it was all a conspiracy to create a Western-friendly state in the middle east, and displace millions of my co-religionists. Because I want to believe this, all evidence that contradicts my position must be false. Only the religious mind can work in this fashion, can work on the principle that truth is something to be chosen and moulded by your preconceptions, rather than something real and definite that exists outside of yourself.

Ahma-dinnerjacket's comments regarding the Holocaust brought the usual condemnation from Western leaders, and the usual 'concerns' regarding Iran's nuclear program, as well as the renewed threat of even more sanctions. I wonder if it might be more appropriate for the World's leaders just to ignore these outbursts - would it not be more effective for World leaders just to laugh at him? To treat him with the derision that this pathetic little excuse for a man deserves, and perhaps to send him a box of bananas, or a signed portrait of Peter Falk? I wonder if my opinions exclude me from a career in the diplomatic corps...

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Andries said...

Dear Dave,

I do think you are qualified for a career in the diplomatic corps, only mr. Ahmadinejad is not. The Iranian president makes a fool of himself and hurts the interests of his country.

However, I don't think mr. Ahmadinejad really believes the Holocaust never happended, he is to smart for that. It is just a statement for propaganda-use outside Iran. By repetently denying the Holocaust, he advocates his strong anti-Israel sentiment. And therefor he aims at a kind of leadership of the Islam fundamentalists.
The statements of mr.Ahmadinejad, on Israel or The West, have to be placed in a macabre Macchiavellian scheme (google on his career), as does the development of Iran nuclear industries or the funding of groups like Hezbollah.

This man should never be under-estimated.

Andries Nijhuis,
Deventer, The Netherlands

(sorry for my poor English)

Dave said...

Thanks Andries, I'm relieved to hear that you think I am more qualified than Ahmadinejad to work as a diplomat, though I suspect he has more patience than do I!

You're right that MA should not readily be under-estimated as a shrewd and dangerous politician, but he is playing a foolish game by trying to hood-wink all Iranians into thinking that the West is responsible for all of Iran's problems - one that I sincerely hope will backfire. Were it not for the support of his thuggish religious police, and his deep connections with the sinister security services, he would have been ousted for so blatantly fixing the election. I hope he falls on his sword, whatever he believes about the Holocaust. A large proportion of Iranians are decent, educated people who should have the right to see their country prosper, not be held under the yolk of a corrupt and self-serving theocracy.

Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Anonymous said...

Do you think he has fleas? In any case he is not doing any favours in middle east politics by making such outlandish statements. Clearly he needs to go back to scratching his balls and picking his arse.

Bruce Llama said...

Do you think he has fleas? In any case he is not doing any favours in middle east politics by making such outlandish statements. Clearly he needs to go back to scratching his balls and picking his arse.