It's Religion Jim, but not as we know it!

On a little more light-hearted note today - I was gazing last night before I went to sleep, as I so often do, at the few stars whose light is able to penetrate the dense orange fug of London's night, wondering how many of them might have planets like our own orbiting them... how many of them provide light and life for alien worlds. Thinking how many planets, in all the vastness of space, and all the immensity of time past, present and future, might hold intelligent life, might hold civilizations of thoughtful beings like ourselves. Lost in my frequent nocturnal imaginings, it suddenly occured to me that our own planet, with just one dominant species, has managed to spawn at least seven major religions, and countless minor ones. What if there are, or have been, or will be, millions of planets with intelligent aliens, all with thousands of religions of their own... imagine a Universe where religion is endemic - imagine interplanetary holy wars!
On this happy note, I let the curtain drop and tried to get some sleep.
Amazingly, I didn't have any nightmares.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Im from Australia.

Please find a completely different Understanding of religion and scientism via these closely reasoned references.

Scientism being the "religion" that you subscribe to.

Dave said...

Well thanks for that 'Anonymous' but in reply I can only say - WTF?
I have no religion; accepting piles of evidence as the closest thing we currently have to the absolute truth does not constitute faith. Thanks anyway.